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Expertise in Air and Sea Law

In 1987, he received his legal practice license in Istanbul. Ali KARTAL graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law. Having gained experience in lawsuits and financial services in national and international aviation cases, banking sector, he has developed his expertise in Beijing & Beijing law firm. IBM has been in the consulting tasks within Turkey's institutions. In 1994, he got his license for a commercial pilot in the United States to combine his profession with his hobby. In the same year, he worked in Aybay & Aybay law office in the field of insurance and transportation cases. As a result of successful work between 2002 and 2016, the company became a managing partner of the company.

Expertise in Air and Sea Law
Expertise in Air and Sea Law tufan



It represents the highest quality and offers consulting services for all disputes or disputes in finance and insurance, aviation and maritime matters.

Aviation Lawyers specializes in first-class lawyers with years of experience. Hunting. In the 1960s, Ali KARTAL became acquainted with the industry by representing her mother in cases related to aviation and succeeds in transforming her childhood passion into a profession. He is a member of the Royal Aviation Association. He receives court approval for all civil and civil aviation issues.

Aviation Solicitor Turkey, the lawyer who published the references of the cases he solved on his company's web site, is the name that is shown with his finger. If you are researching Aviation Lawyers Turkey for technical referrals, insurance - financial services, personal or corporate aviation problems. You can get professional advice from Ali KARTAL.

Why Kartal Law Firm?

Although maritime and aerospace serves the safest transportation and travel vehicles, it has some risks related to passengers and personnel, as well as fixtures and cargoes. These risks are physical accidents as well as legal problems arising from procedures.

While the laws prepared by each state according to its own air and sea area vary, there are international agreements, conventions and laws. Because of the problems experienced in the law office to work with all of these regulations must be dominant. Experienced cases such as baggage losses, compensation - contract violations, problems of local businesses, financial crises, insurance problems, etc. are gaining importance.

Sea freight, where the highest load can be transported at once, is the lifeblood of international trade.

There are many problems in the transportation of commodities with material value. There may be violations of the contract of the ship personnel or the carrier company.

For the safe use of the oceans and seas, Maritime Law was also regulated by the Maritime Criminal Law against the laws that were violated in the seas. Kartal Law Firm provides you with the right to take away your grievances in maritime field and to take your rights without any loss of time.

Attorney Av. Ali KARTAL resolves your problems with the most accurate technical guidance.

Which Services Are Provided?

Kartal Law Firm provides support in maritime trade - insurance, aviation trade - insurance, aircraft and ship financing, aircraft and ship financial insurance, corporate - personnel - personal cases in the aviation and maritime sector.

Advocacy Services in Aviation Law

• Ownership and pledge rights on all aircraft,

• Compensation for breach of contract of carriage,

• In air trade or air labor law cases,

• Represents the owner or tenant for the purchase, sale or rental of aircraft,

• Violation of liability in air and accident charges arising from this

• In the event of injustice in competition,

• Accidental compensation and insurance payments,

• In cases of airplane abduction arising from a liability violation,

• You can receive representation services for damages to third parties for various reasons.

Consulting Services in Aviation Law

• Military Aviation and Defense Industry Law

• Medical responsibility, application and control of malpractice,

• Inspection of passenger and freight air transport services in accordance with the provisions of Turkish Aviation Legislation and International Conventions,

• Information on international law, Turkish law, commercial transportation and insurance to companies,

• Ground safety, air safety, security, air responsibility and criminal proceedings,

• Arrangement and control of the coupon, ticket, freight ticker documents of the ground services according to the contract,

• Preparation of aircraft transport agreements,

• Ownership and hostage of aircraft,

• The rights of ground and air personnel within the scope of labor law,

• Collaborations and competition issues,

• The right to sovereignty of the airport,

• Offset contracts,

• Aircraft supply,

• Information about AOCs,

• Registration of aircraft, access to old records, rent, mortgage etc. put , u

• Compliance of the aircraft and its components to the design law,

• Representation and control of legal relations with national and international air agencies,

• Legal elements in the employment of foreign national staff employed on the ground and in the air,

• Consultancy in the examination, referrals and referrals of contracts in Turkish or foreign languages ​​covering the aviation industry.

Lawyer and Consultancy Services in Maritime Law

• Kartal Law Firm also provides representation and consultancy in maritime law cases and appeals processes.

• In all cases in the sea and binding the criminal law,

• Registration, registration and mortgages of the vessel,

• Trade-related receivables and debt monitoring,

• the release of the taken sea vehicle, the pledge of the cargo or the vehicle and the rights of the carriage,

• In compensation and insurance transactions,

• The loss of the burden of damage detection and compensation is regulated law.

• Translation, regulation and supervision of contracts in accordance with Turkish and international law,

• In the rescue, assistance and safety legislation,

• In the contract follow-up and responsibilities of the staff and captain of the vessel,

• In the case of customs problems, port entry and exit controls,

• Provides professional advice on all kinds of issues such as common avans, bill of lading, freight contracts, loading and unloading.


Services in Insurance and Reinsurance Law

• Recommendations, review and editing procedures,

• Evaluation of insurance / reinsurance claims and management of policies,

• compensation for businesses or insurers,

• Defending the insured or reinsurance against the demand for compensation,

• Works on the preparation of contracts and co-ordination of compensation.

• Services in Banking and Finance Law

• Application of IDERA, security, rental, mortgage records and air and sea vehicles with all kinds of real estate,

• Preparation and discussion of the company and personal mortgage security and collaterals,

• Directed tenants and problem loans,

• To start and execute all kinds of collections,

• Air and sea vessel withdrawal operations

• Preparation, negotiation and execution of finance, credit, operational leasing agreements are carried out with specialization.

Controversial Decisions - Consulting & Representation

just cause all kinds of representation in Turkey or abroad,

Collection of corporate or personal debt in Turkey or abroad,

In addition to air and sea vehicles, real estate transactions such as mortgages and other problems in the Av. You can apply to Ali KARTAL.



Other services

It governs or represents the will of the inherited or acquired property on the borders of the country. Real estate sales, purchase, renting helps. Kartal Law Firm offers a secure service to represent you in the disputes arising from these actions.

Quality Service Guarantee

Hunting. Ali KARTAL offers you the assurance that you do your job professionally on the company website.

Provides guidance on what to do if you are not satisfied with the work.

According to the complaints legislation of the law and consultancy services, the system operates as follows:

You are not satisfied with the service within the first year of a law office that you work with the first you are communicating. According to the law, the law firm must solve the problem within eight weeks. If the problem cannot be solved in eight weeks' legal period, you are notifying the Legal Ombudsman before six months. Since the ombudsman who has been in operation since 2010 has to take every examination and evaluation, they always return to you with a solution proposal.

In addition, on the website of Kartal Law Firm, you get information about the experience of the cases solved in their specialty areas by accessing the reference list.

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